Produce standard/formalized demographics tables

Clinical researchers often need to document and report the demographics of all consented subjects. A common use case is for reporting to funding agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH requires a particular format for the PHS Inclusion Enrollment Report in each annual Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR).

The codified package, in combination with the REDCapR package, provides a pipeline to directly extract the demographics of consented subjects from a REDCap database, and to rapidly and reproducibly produce standard demographics tables. This pipeline is demonstrated in the vignette, NIH Enrollment Tables in HTML.

Installation and Documentation

The development version can be installed from GitHub after installing the remotes package.

install.packages("remotes") # Run this line if the 'remotes' package isn't installed already.
remotes::install_github(repo = "OuhscBbmc/codified")

The release version can be installed from CRAN.


The package can be uninstalled from your local machine with remove.packages("codified").

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