factiv: Analyzing Factorial Experiments with Noncompliance

factiv is an R package to estimate causal effects in factorial experiments with noncompliance on multiple factors. It implements the methodology of Blackwell (2017) and Blackwell and Pashley (2020).

To install the package, you can use the remotes package:


There are two main functions in the package, iv_factorial, which performs superpopulation-based inference, and iv_finite_factorial, which performs finite-population inference for the factorial effects using the Fieller method described in Blackwell and Pashley (2020). You can use these functions in the following manner:


superpop <- iv_factorial(turnout_98 ~ inperson + phone | inperson_rand + 
  phone_rand, data = newhaven)

finite <- iv_finite_factorial(formula = turnout_98 ~ inperson + phone |
  inperson_rand + phone_rand, data = newhaven)