galah 2.0.2

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

galah 2.0.1

Minor improvements

collapse() now returns a query object, rather than a query_set, and gains a .expand argument to optionally append a query_set for debugging purposes (#217).

Bug fixes

galah 2.0.0

Object-oriented programming

collapse(), compute(), collect()

Major improvements to galah_filter()

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

galah 1.5.4

Patch release to fix minor issues on some devel systems on CRAN.

galah 1.5.3

Minor release to address CRAN issues. Last release before 2.0.0.

galah 1.5.2

Minor release to resolve issues on CRAN, and a few recent bugs.

Bug fixes

galah 1.5.1

Mask function names from other packages

An experimental feature of version 1.5.1 is the ability to call functions from other packages (#161), as synonyms for galah_ functions. These are:

These are implemented as S3 methods for objects of class data_request, which are created by galah_call(). Hence new function names only work when piped after galah_call().

Experimental support for GBIF queries

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is the umbrella organisation to which all other atlases supply data. Hence it is logical to be able to query GBIF and it’s “nodes” (i.e. the living atlases) via a common API. Supported functions are:

The current implementation is experimental and back-end changes are expected in future. Users who require a more stable implementation should use the {rgbif} package.

Minor improvements

Bug fixes:

galah 1.5.0

Expanded support for querying other International Living Atlases


Updates to galah_geolocate()

show_all(), search_all() & show_values(), search_values()

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

galah 1.4.0

Revamped syntax



Pipe queries using galah_call

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

galah 1.3.1

search_taxonomy() renamed to ala_taxonomy()


galah 1.3.0



Caching helper functions

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

galah 1.2.0

Living Atlases

Minor improvements

Bug fixes

galah 1.1.0

Downloading media

select_ functions

Minor improvements

galah 1.0.0

First version of galah, built on earlier functionality from the ALA4R package.