gginnards 0.2.0

This is a code breaking update in relation to functions stat_debug_group() and stat_debug_panel(). Both the function signature, returned values and default arguments have changed. The new and updated functions are more polished and flexible than they were in earlier versions of the package but can still be made to produce similar, but not identical, output to functions of the same names from earlier versions.

gginnards 0.1.2

gginnards 0.1.1

gginnards 0.1.0-1

gginnards 0.1.0

gginnards 0.0.4

gginnards 0.0.3

gginnards 0.0.2

gginnards 0.0.1

Methods and functions originally part of ‘ggpmisc’ but removed in the update to ‘ggpmisc’ 0.3.0 are included in this new package.

ggpmisc 0.2.17

Last release before split. Please, see documentation for ‘ggpmisc’ for earlier history.