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ggrain - Raincloud Plots

ggrain is an R-package that allows you to create Raincloud plots - following the ‘Grammar of Graphics’ (i.e., ggplot2) - that are:


ggplot(iris, aes(x = 1, y = Sepal.Length)) +


There are two ways to install this package.

  1. Download the CRAN version

  1. Download through GitHub
if (!require(remotes)) {


Simple examples

  1. Raincloud per group

  2. Different groups overlapped



For a complete overview of ggrain such as a 2-by-2 raincloud plot or multiple repeated measures, please see our Vignette.

ggrain specific features

geom_rain is a combination of 4 different ggplot2 geom’s (i.e., point, line, boxplot & violin).

Specific geom arguments can be passed with a list to any of the 4 geom’s with the argument {point/line/boxplot/violin}.args. For a list of arguments that can be passed see the help files of the respective geom’s (e.g., ?gghalves::geom_half_violin).

Position-related arguments (e.g., jittering, nudging & width) can be passed with {point/line/boxplot/violin}.args.pos, see the help file of ?geom_rain for defaults


Contributions / Issues

We warmly welcome all contributions. You can open an issue or make a pull request if you would like to add something new!


ggrain was developed by Nicholas Judd, Jordy van Langen, Micah Allen, and Rogier Kievit.

- Judd, N., van Langen, J., Allen, M., & Kievit, R.A.
    ggrain: A Rainclouds Geom for 'ggplot2'.
    R package version 0.0.3.
    CRAN 2023,


In 2021, NWO (Dutch research council) announced their inaugural NWO Open Science Fund. The Open Science Fund aims to support researchers to develop, test and implement innovative ways of making research open, accessible, transparent and reusable, covering the whole range of Open Science. The Raincloud plots team was awarded this fantastic initiative and is specifically working on:

You can read more about our awarded project here: https://www.nwo.nl/en/projects/203001011 or you can watch the online webinar hosted by NWO about our project: Webinar Open Science series S1E2: Open tools for data enrichment and visualization

Raincloud Plots

- Allen, M., Poggiali, D., Whitaker, K., Marshall, T. R., van Langen, J., & Kievit, R. A.
    Raincloud plots: a multi-platform tool for robust data visualization [version 2; peer review: 2 approved] 
    Wellcome Open Research 2021, 4:63. https://doi.org/10.12688/wellcomeopenres.15191.2

There are now 4 ways in which you can use our Raincloud Plots tools: - through a series of specific easy to modify scripts https://github.com/RainCloudPlots/RainCloudPlots - through our initial raincloudplots package - through the newest R-package ggrain - through our R Shiny application: raincloudplots