Flavio Lozano-Isla

The package inti has been developed to provide tools used in plant science and experimental designs. The package also include shiny apps for design experiments, interactive analysis and technical writing.

The inti package is inspired by the Inca mythology where the sun (inti) is considered the most significant deity. The web applications are based on this worldview.

The shiny apps are based in the functions developed in the package

Install the apps locally

In the case you need to change the email account o renew the credentials to access to the apps you can use googlesheets4::gs4_token().


Ease way to deploy field-book experimental plans.


Data analysis and graphics for experimental designs.


An open-source R package to deploys flexible and reproducible labels using layers.

GerminaR + GerminaQuant

GerminaR is the first platform base in open source package to calculate and graphic the germination indices in R. GerminaR include a web application called “GerminQuant for R” for non programming users.