Efficient Iterators for Permutations and Combinations

Deprecation: iterpc is deprecated in favour of arrangements.

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Latest Documentation: http://randy3k.github.io/iterpc

Github: https://github.com/randy3k/iterpc

A collection of iterators for generating permutations and combinations with or without replacement; with distinct items or non-distinct items (multiset). The generated sequences are in lexicographical order (dictionary order). The algorithms to generate permutations and combinations are memory efficient. These iterative algorithms enable users to process all sequences without putting all results in the memory at the same time. The algorithms are written in C/C++ for faster performances.


Thank Martin Broadhurst and Alistair Israel for their algorithms. Alistair Israel has a very nice article on an algorithm to generate k-permutation.


If you want to install the latest development version, you can use devtools:


or you can install the stable version via CRAN