nord: Northern-themed Color palettes

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The goal of nord is to provide access to many northern inspired palettes:

  1. 4 colour palettes from ArticIceStudio’s Nord Palettes
  2. 1 color palette extracted from Lumina Borealis
  3. 11 colour palettes extracted from the works of the Group of Seven.

These palettes can be used both with ggplot2, lattice and base R plotting to provide color to charts and graphics. The palettes in nord try to split equally between qualitative, sequential and diverging data, similar to the categories used in ColorBrewer. Further information and use of each palette can be found in the vignette.


You can install nord from CRAN:


or you can install the development version of nord from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

The Palettes of nord


par(mfrow=c(8, 2), lheight = 2, mar=rep(1, 4), adj = 0)

walk(names(nord_palettes), nord_show_palette)


This is a basic example which shows you how to use the different features in nord:

Here is how to use scale_fill_nord() with ggplot2


ggplot(diamonds) + 
  geom_bar(aes(x = cut, fill = clarity)) +

Here is using the nord function, with built in color-ramping, with the obligatory base r volcano.

image(volcano, col = nord("aurora", 20))

You can view the individual palettes in nord via nord_show_palette()



I started building this package long ago, as part of my own personal utility packages, as I have been using the nord palettes from ArcticIce Studioes for quite some time. A few months ago, I read something on the interwebs stating that work you did that was still private was pretty much a waste, so share it openly. That struck a chord. Then I read Maelle Salmon’s “How to Develop Good R Packages (for open science)”, and was introduced to usethis, styler and goodpractice. That was the catalyst for making this package.

I drew inspiration from many color palette packages out there (viridis, ochRe, swatches, wesanderson, RColorBrewer), and used a lot of the functions to modernize, streamline and finally create nord.

Referenced Work from the Group of Seven