2019 General Election Variables

Evan Odell


Variable names in bes_2019

Due to the 98 variables included in the bes_2019 dataset, including information on each variable in the parlitools reference manual is very lengthy and not very user friendly. The ‘Name’ column refers to the variable name used in the bes_2019 dataset and the ‘Label’ is the description of the variable.

Name Label
pano Press Association Constituency ID
ons_const_id ONS Constituency ID
ons_region_id ONS Region ID
constituency_name Constituency Name
county County name
region Region
country Country
constituency_type County or Borough Constituency
seat_change_1719 2019 winning party gain from 2017 winning party
winner_19 2019 Winning party
electorate_19 2019 Size of electorate
total_vote_19 2019 Total number of votes cast
rejected_vote_19 2019 Number of rejected ballots
majority_19 2019 Majority
con_vote_19 2019 Conservative number of votes
lab_vote_19 2019 Labour number of votes
ld_vote_19 2019 Liberal Democrat number of votes
brexit_vote_19 2019 Brexit Party number of votes
green_vote_19 2019 Green Party number of votes
snp_vote_19 2019 Scottish National Party (SNP) number of votes
pc_vote_19 2019 Plaid Cymru number of votes
dup_vote_19 NA
sf_vote_19 NA
sdlp_vote_19 NA
uup_vote_19 NA
alliance_vote_19 NA
other_vote_19 NA
speaker_vote_19 NA
turnout_19 2019 Turnout
con_19 2019 Conservative vote share
lab_19 2019 Labour vote share
ld_19 2019 Liberal Democrat vote share
brexit_19 2019 Brexit Party vote share
green_19 2019 Green Party vote share
snp_19 2019 Scottish National Party (SNP) vote share
pc_19 2019 Plaid Cymru vote share
dup_19 NA
sf_19 NA
sdlp_19 NA
uup_19 NA
alliance_19 NA
other_19 2019 Combined other vote share
speaker_19 NA
con_1719 2017-19 Conservative vote share change
lab_1719 2017-19 Labour vote share change
ld_1719 2017-19 Liberal Democrat vote share change
green_1719 2017-19 Green vote share change
snp_1719 2017-19 SNP vote share change
pc_1719 2017-19 Plaid Cymru vote share change
winner_17 2017 Winning party
con_17 2017 Conservative vote share
lab_17 2017 Labour vote share
ld_17 2017 Liberal Democrat vote share
snp_17 2017 Scottish National Party (SNP) vote share
pc_17 2017 Plaid Cymru vote share
ukip_17 2017 United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) vote share
green_17 2017 Green Party vote share
other_17 2017 Combined other vote share
majority_17 2017 Majority
turnout_17 2017 Turnout
con_vote_17 2017 Conservative number of votes
lab_vote_17 2017 Labour number of votes
ld_vote_17 2017 Liberal Democrat number of votes
snp_vote_17 2017 Scottish National Party (SNP) number of votes
pc_vote_17 2017 Plaid Cymru number of votes
ukip_vote_17 2017 United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) number of votes
green_vote_17 2017 Green Party number of votes
total_vote_17 2017 Total number of votes cast
rejected_vote_17 2017 Number of rejected ballots
electorate_17 2017 Size of electorate
green_ppc_19 Green Party 2019 candidate name
ld_ppc_19 Liberal Democrat 2019 candidate name
lab_ppc_19 Labour 2019 candidate name
ukip_ppc_19 NA
pc_ppc_19 Plaid Cymru 2019 candidate name
con_ppc_19 Conservative 2019 candidate name
speaker_ppc_19 NA
sdlp_ppc_19 NA
snp_ppc_19 SNP 2019 candidate name
dup_ppc_19 NA
brexit_ppc_19 Brexit Party 2019 candidate name
alliance_ppc_19 NA
uup_ppc_19 NA
green_ppc_sex_19 Green Party 2019 candidate sex
ld_ppc_sex_19 Liberal Democrat 2019 candidate sex
lab_ppc_sex_19 Labour 2017 candidate sex
ukip_ppc_sex_19 NA
pc_ppc_sex_19 Plaid Cymru 2019 candidate sex
con_ppc_sex_19 Conservative 2019 candidate sex
speaker_ppc_sex_19 NA
sdlp_ppc_sex_19 NA
snp_ppc_sex_19 SNP 2019 candidate sex
dup_ppc_sex_19 NA
brexit_ppc_sex_19 Brexit Party 2019 candidate sex
alliance_ppc_sex_19 NA
uup_ppc_sex_19 NA
leave_hanretty Hanretty (2017) Estimate of EU Referendum Leave %
remain_hanretty Hanretty (2017) Estimate of EU Referendum Remain %