This package provides a tool to perform power analysis in Partial Least Squares (PLS) for classification when two classes are analyzed.


You can install the released version of powerPLS with:


Quick overview

The main functions are - computeSampleSize() which estimated the power considering several values of sample size and number of score components.

datas <- simulatePilotData(nvar = 30, clus.size = c(5,5),m = 6,nvar_rel = 5,ncomp = 2)
out <- computePower(X = datas$X, Y = datas$Y, A = 3)
out <- computeSampleSize(X = datas$X, Y = datas$Y, A = 3, n = c(10,20,30))


Andreella, A., Finos, L., Scarpa, B. and Stocchero, M. “Towards a power analysis for PLS-based methods” arXiv:2403.10289 stat.ME. link: https://arxiv.org/abs/2403.10289

Did you find some bugs?

Please write to angela.andreella[]unive[]it or insert a reproducible example using reprex on my issue github page.