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An R-Package for Simulation of Recurrent Events

simrec allows simulation of recurrent event data following the multiplicative intensity model described in Andersen and Gill (1982), with the baseline hazard being a function of the total/calendar time.

To induce between-subject-heterogeneity, a random effect covariate (frailty term) can be incorporated.

Furthermore, via simreccomp simulation of data following a multistate model with recurrent event data of one type and a competing event is possible.

simrecint gives the possibility to additionally simulate a recruitment time for each individual and cut the data to an interim data set.

With simrecPlot and simreccompPlot the data can be plotted.


To install the development version for the package simrec, please start a current version of R and type (using remotes):

# currently this can be done via github
install.packages("remotes") # if needed
remotes::install_github("federicomarini/simrec") # or if needed:
remotes::install_github("federicomarini/simrec", build_vignettes=TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)


To inspect the vignette and the code used in it, type:

## and/or


For additional details regarding the functions of simrec, please consult the documentation.